GANRO Headquaters is the European operation of Ganro Taiwan, providing technical support, sales and service for the full range of Ganro products. Ganro realise that it is important to have local support for its customers to provide confidence in the power and performance of the Ganro brand and the importance Ganro places in making sure its customers feel secure in the knowledge we are nearby should you need us.

Ganro are looking to establish a strong presence in Europe and has established its sales and service centre in the UK, which is the heart of Europe covering Northern, Southern and Eastern European countries and having the most common language base across the World.

Contact our Euro Sales centre for help and advice in selecting the correct product for your needs, then rest assured that Ganro is never far away should you want additional equipment or support over the coming months and years

Our product carries the strongest warranty package confirming to our customer our total confidence and commitment to our own skills and the requirements of our customers. We look forward to working with you, browse our site for information on our range, then click on the contact links for total support.